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Skin Cleanser - no water, no towel, no fuss.

Ostagel gives you the freedom to change your pouch wherever you are. Simply apply to a swab or tissue and wipe away to remove any soiling. Ostagel dries in seconds allowing application of your next pouch as usual. Ostagel replaces the need for soap and water during a pouch change.

The antibacterial action of Ostagel will remove any soiling around your stoma and is also ideal for cleansing your hands leaving them hygienically clean. Once Ostagel has been massaged into the skin it will feel clean, fresh and moisturised. Its easy application means it's ideal for travelling whether abroad or at home.

Apply Ostagel directly onto the hands from the bottle or sachet or use a swab to cleanse the skin. The antibacterial action of Ostagel will ensure hygienically clean, fresh and moisturised skin.

Ostagel should not be directly applied onto a stoma.

Available in sachets or 100ml bottles

Description Order Code Pack Size PIP Code
Ostagel bottle 8801 100ml bottle 289-8542
Ostagel sachets 8802 Box 30
1.5ml sachets

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How to use Ostagel

1. Apply Ostagel to your hands and rub.

Ostagel will dry in seconds with no need for a towel

2. Apply a small amount of Ostagel to a swab or kitchen towel and apply to area.


Do I need a water or towel if I am using Ostagel?

No. Ostagel can be applied to your hands and evaporates in seconds. It can therefore be used when you have no access to running water.

Is Ostagel antibacterial?

Yes. Ostagel has an antibacterial action that leaves hands clean, fresh and moisturised.

What size is Ostagel available in?

Ostagel is available in two sizes, a handy 100ml bottle or easy to use sachets

Is Ostagel available on NHS prescription?

Yes. Ostagel is available on prescription and can be prescribed by your GP