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Motion Management Sachets

The main function of the colon is to absorb moisture. If you have an upset tummy this can result in a more liquid and frequent output. This increased output can make your pouch bulge, cause more frequent pouch changes and increase the chance of your pouch leaking.

Morform absorbs moisture as it enters the pouch, creating a much flatter, more manageable gel but still allowing you to drain your pouch in the usual manner.

  • Reduces pouch bulging
  • Improves ostomy comfort
  • Ensures less frequent emptying
  • Reduces pouch noise
  • Reduces pouch odour

Morform absorbs moisture making it ideal for:

  • Social occasions
  • Shopping trips
  • Night time use
  • Recreational use
  • Travelling

Morform is available in discreet and convenient soft packs of 60 sachets.

Description Order Code Pack Size PIP Code
Morform sachets 3837 60 sachets 308-6451

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How to use Morform

  1. Place one sealed sachet into your pouch before fitting it to your body. If you use a drainable pouch you can also insert the sachet via the bottom of the pouch.

  2. Additional sachets may be inserted into drainable pouches after emptying.

  3. Morform is non toxic and flushes away in the usual manner.

If you experience an abnormal change in your output consistency, you should contact your
Stoma Care Nurse or GP for advice.


Is Morform toxic?

Morform is non-toxic and flushes away in the normal manner

Will Morform help to prevent leaks?

Morform absorbs moisture as it enters the pouch, turning it into a more manageable gel but still allows you to drain your pouch in the usual way, although you will not have to do it so often. In this way it can prevent leaks.

Does Morform help to prevent odour?

Morform turns the contents into a gel which reduces pouch odour and makes the contents more manageable

Does diet affect Morform's performance?

Most foods are fine but you should avoid eating excessive amounts of cheese or citrus fruits as this can affect Morform's performance

What size is Morform available in?

Morform is available in a waterproof bag which contains 60 easy to use sachets

Is Morform available on NHS prescription?

Yes Morform is available on prescription and can be prescribed by your GP

Will Morform affect draining my pouch?

No. Morform has been developed to ensure that drainable pouch users can still drain their pouch in the usual way