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The UK’s favourite ostomy spray

Limone quickly neutralises odour and imparts a light refreshing fragrance of lemon and lime. Limone can be sprayed both into the pouch and the surrounding air, instantly eradicating the odours associated with faeces. Used by ostomates for over fifteen years, Limone has become the UK's favourite ostomy deodorant spray and a favourite essential for use either at home or abroad.

A can of Limone will last for three months or 900 sprays, and because each spray is a measured dose, none of the product will go to waste.

Limone is available in a CFC free 50ml aerosol.

Description Order Code Pack Size PIP Code
Limone 3905 50ml aerosol 011-8463

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How to use Limone

  1. Limone can be used by spraying in the air or around the pouch or by spraying into the pouch, as shown below.


Can Limone be sprayed into my pouch?

Yes Limone can be sprayed directly into your pouch or the air. Care should be taken if using a flushable pouch as
excessive spraying into a flushable pouch can degrade the inner liner.

What size is Limone available in?

Limone is available in a 50ml aerosol making it ideal for travelling.

Is Limone available on NHS prescription?

Yes Limone is available on prescription and can be prescribed by your GP.