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Hyperseal washers are ideal for stomas that have crevices, fistulas or scar tissue that make the skin surrounding the stoma site uneven. Washers also provide extra security for patients who are worried about leakage.

Hyperseal washers are now available in two sizes and two depths to cater for more needs - choose from small or large low profile washers, or our latest small high profile version, which is deeper.

Hyperseal washers have a hydrocolloid base which means they are skin friendly and ideal for sore or irritated skin.

  • Levels uneven skin surfaces
  • Cut to fit or mould around the stoma
  • Available in two sizes and two depths

Hyperseal washers are suitable for:

  • All stoma types
  • Surgical drainage
  • Use as a packing agent

Hyperseal washers are ideal for all surgical drainage including:

  • Chest tubes
  • Surgical drains
  • Feeding tubes
  • Cannula sites for bony prominences on malnourished patients
  • Infusion pumps
  • Nasal tubes

The washer can be adapted to provide comfort and protection and may be used to reduce the risk of pressure sores in patients who are malnourished.  Each washer is made to a consistency that allows you not only to mould, shape and stretch it to your individual needs, but it also remains pliable during wear time.

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Description Order Code Pack Size PIP Code
Large washer
(low profile)
HWA 350 5 263-1448
Small washer
(low profile)
HWA 300 20 263-1414
Small washer
(high profile)
HWA 400 20 365-3714


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How to use Hyperseal

You may need more than one washer or only use part of it depending on individual need. Ensure the skin around the stoma is clean, dry and grease free.

1. Remove adhesive protector film from washer.

2. Cut or stretch washer if necessary to fit snugly around stoma.

3. Fit washer over stoma

4. Mould washer to surrounding skin contours

5. Apply pouch over stoma ensuring pouch
flange is adhered to washer

6. Secure pouch around stoma area

7. Make sure pouch is on securely around the stoma and washer and hold for a few seconds to ensure a good seal.

8. The washer provides extra security against pouch leakages


Do Hyperseal washers prevent leaks?

Yes Hyperseal washers can help prevent leaks as they level out any uneven skin

Can you stretch or cut Hyperseal washers to fit?

Yes the washer can be cut to fit or moulded around the stoma

Can Hyperseal washers increase pouch wear time?

Yes Hyperseal helps prevent leaks by giving a more even surface meaning your pouches can stay on longer. This in turn can save your GP money.

Can Hyperseal washers help prevent sore skin?

As Hyperseal washers are made from hydrocolloid and help prevent leaks this can reduce sore skin.

What size are Hyperseal washers available in?

Washers are available in two sizes - large and small, both low profile. The small washer is also available in a high profile, deeper version.

Are Hyperseal washers available on NHS prescription?

Yes Hyperseal washers are available on prescription and can be prescribed by your GP.