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Removing stoma pouches can be both painful and damaging to skin. Alcohol adhesive removers are traditionally used to remove adhesives, but alcohol is known to sting.

Appeel is a silicone based, no sting medical adhesive remover that removes stoma pouches easily, quickly and gently.  It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, such as that of babies. Appeel dries in seconds and will not affect the adhesion of your appliance. Appeel wipes can be used to remove any residue left on the skin.

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The most advanced NO STING medical adhesive remover available on NHS prescription

Description Order Code Pack Size PIP Code
Appeel aerosol 3500 1 x 50 ml  311-6589
Appeel wipes  3505 30 wipes 311-6571

Appeel Spray

Appeel spray makes pouch removal quick and gentle:

  • Silicone based
  • No sting formula
  • Can be sprayed at any angle, allowing access to hard to reach areas
  • No need to wash off
  • Dries quickly

Appeel Wipes

Appeel wipes make removal of adhesive residue easy. Appeel wipes alllow you to gently remove build up without damaging skin:

  • Silicone based
  • No sting formula
  • Removes adhesive residue in seconds
  • No need to wash skin after use
  • Leaves skin clean and fresh
  • Does not affect future applications
Appeel should be tested on a small area of skin before use on damaged skin. We suggest a small amount of Appeel is applied inside the forearm.
Appeel - Ostomy Supplies - How To UseAppeel - Ostomy Supplies - FAQ

How to use


Appeel will not soak through waterproof dressings such as hydrocolloid flanges; therefore, gently peel back the corner of the pouch flange, spray Appeel around the edge and wait 30 seconds.

Continue to peel back the flange, applying more Appeel as necessary.

Before applying another adhesive product, wait 30 seconds for Appeel to evaporate.

It is important to remove any residue to create a good seal between the adhesive and the skin.


After removing your stoma pouch, use an Appeel wipe to gently remove any excess adhesive.


What is Appeel?

Appeel is an advanced, no sting silicone based medical adhesive remover.

How does Appeel work?

When the silicone comes into contact with the device it temporarily changes the surface energy of the skin, disrupting the adhesive properties between skin and device. This facilitates gentle removal of the device or adhesive residue.

Why use Appeel?

Appeel makes adhesive removal quick and gentle. It dries quickly, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh, and ready for the next adhesive application.

Will Appeel sting my skin?

No it will not.

What sizes is Appeel available in?

Appeel is available in a 50ml aerosol can or a box of 30 easy to use wipes.

Is Appeel available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is Appeel nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

Will I have to clean Appeel off after I have used it?

No, Appeel dries in seconds as the silicone it contains evaporates completely from the skin.

Will Appeel affect the adhesion of my next pouch, sheath or dressing?

No, it evaporates completely, leaving no residue.